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Many things have been said about the champions who have been at the forefront of making things happen in the crypto space but not much has been known about them. The list below and the descriptions indicate the biggest companies in the industry not only by valuation and capitalization but also by goodwill and corporate presence both online and offline as well. They shall be listed in no particular order of preference.

Ripple (Valuation of about $5 Billion)

Many people have heard one way or the other about [Ripple Labs Inc]1 . It is widely associated with the now popular [XRP]2 token as it uses this coin in its solutions. Ripple Labs owns and runs RipppleNet. Driven by what is referred to as the Ripple Protocol Consensus Algorithm (RPCA), RippleNet is used for all kinds of transactions between financial institutions but with the introduction of new tools different kinds of platforms will be able to run off it making Ripple be not only the darling of the financial services sector but also to be one of the cryptocurrency companies to watch out for come next year. Ripple has been [tipped]3 to be worth about $5 billion.

Circle (about $3 Billion)

While [Circle]4 is quite popular these days with its hands in many pies in the crypto space, this cryptocurrency unicorn started out as a service where you could buy [Bitcoin]5 with credit card and has grown to be one of the most dynamic organizations out there also with its own stablecoin USDcoin which is tied to the United States Dollar. Sources indicate that Circle achieved its $3 billion valuation after a funding round of about $100 million last year.

Bitmain (about $12 Billion)

Now everyone knows that [Bitmain]6 is by far the largest cryptocurrency corporate organization by sheer size and valuation. Owning the world’s largest cryptocurrency mining facilities and being a major hardware manufacturer of cryptocurrency mining equipment, Bitmain has overtaken just about everyone else to be at the top when it comes to valuations. This does not mean however that it hasn’t had its share of corporate issues. Sources [estimated]7 last year that the total valuation of Bitmain stood at $12 billion.

Binance (about $2 Billion)

[Binance]8 is quite popular in the crypto space as it is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges at the moment. Its premier position in terms of trading volume (as the second largest) has only made it more obvious that it holds the top spot in the hearts and minds of many within the industry. Apart from trading cryptocurrencies, Binance is also known for other products such as [Binance Coin]9 and its decentralized trading blockchain Binance Chain. CEO Changpeng “CZ” Zhao has [indicated]10 that Binance is worth at least $ 2 billion or more.

Canaan Creative (about $2 Billion)

While maybe not many new people know about this particular cryptocurrency mining company, Canaan Creative is also one of the leaders when it comes to cryptocurrency mining. Even though the company itself hasn’t been dong well as of late, it is still punching above its weight when it comes to having superstar status. Reports have it that the recent [IPO]11 places it at a little over $ 2 billion.

Coinbase (about $8 Billion)

We all know [Coinbase]12 and its cryptocurrency exchange platform were one way or the other going to be on the list. With other products such as the recently introduced Coinbase Prime, Coinbase Custody and even Coinbase Commerce, Coinbase is indeed on a curve to grow exponentially. So much so that the cryptocurrency exchange put its [valuation]13 at $8 billion last year after finishing its series E round of financing.

BitMEX (around $3 Billion)

With an innovative cryptocurrency trading platform that offers more than the usual trading of cryptocurrencies ( futures and perpetual contracts as well), [BitMEX]14 enables traders to use the necessary leverage to enhance the potential for profit as well. Reports [indicate]15 that BitMEX is worth $3.6 billion from last year although other reports contradict this and put the valuation at around $1 billion.

Robinhood (about $7 Billion)

[Robinhood]16 has created a more centrist appeal than many other cryptocurrency trading platforms. This has led to its massive success as its main focus are the millennials. Robinhood took off in the beginning as a fee-free stock trading platform. Its valuation at around $7 billion was [reported]17 earlier this year and this, of course, makes it be a force to be reckoned within the industry.

Block.One (around $3 Billion)

[Block.One]18 has been one of those organizations that have scaled through all the odds when it comes to corporate-startup challenges. Being a contender for the throne of king of Decentralized Applications, Block.One it has been [reported]19 has a valuation of about $3 billion with a significant majority of its holdings in fiat assets surprisingly for a company that rules its share of the crypto space.

Kraken (about $4 Billion)

[Kraken]20 is one of the premier cryptocurrency exchanges. This goes without saying that the recent [acquisition]21 of a futures trading platform and the closing of its last [funding round]22 to the tune of $13 million had quite a bit to do with its recent $ 4 billion valuation. It has, of course, raised the bar for the cryptocurrency trading platform whose future had reportedly been in the doldrums prior to the acquisition and new funding round.

Is It All about Money?

While the performance of the companies is as important as the reason that they were set up or are operational in the first place, the basic reason for the consideration of the most valued companies in terms of valuation is to gauge the health of the corporate actors currently on the big stage within the crypto space.
This also indicates the direction that the sphere is going in; the direction of greater adoption and inclusion in normal day-to-day events. One thing is certain from the above: a new industry has been born and those who can catch the “crypto-fire” may one day be also among these above-listed companies as many others are in fierce pursuit of being unicorns themselves.
Have a Look at the Most Valuable Companies in Crypto Space
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Author: MonteCarloDEX
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Once had hundreds of coins... cashed out / donated the rest so I could "take life seriously" and get a "real job". Now I'm broke, miserable, and well, screwed.

So I was an early adopter of Bitcoin, I spent MONTHS mining coins, mined just over 400 of them in the early days when CPU and GPU mining made sense, and well, the community was close-knit including IRC chats and the OTC market. I donated many coins to fountains, sent some to startup exchanges and even once tried creating my own exchange with a few friends that was going to, at the time, rival Mt.Gox (Called Bitme that later flopped).
After the first big crash of bitcoin, and my entry into the "job market" as I needed to start paying off the 100k in student loans I had, I decided to sell out whatever coins I had left (that I didn't get scammed out of on the OTC IRC channel). I remember losing 9 bitcoins to a scam when they were worth only $20 a piece and how awful it made me feel... I needed the money to pay my minimum loan payments, so I cashed out everything I had, all ~80 remaining coins except for 10...
Well I had a friend and with those 10 coins remaining, as a graduation gift, I gave him those 10 coins, the price now down to $10 each as I knew he was just getting started into bitcoin and he thought it was awesome I'd just give him 10 coins to get started. to me, it was a $100 gift that might be worth $200 or $500 some day, maybe $0. Bitcoin's future was uncertain.
Fast forward to today. The price hits $11,000 USD yesterday Every day since that day I sold all those coins and cashed out to pay my $1000/monthly minimum loan payments (All Interest) I die a little inside realizing I could have had just over $800,000 if only I hadn't sold them back then and given up. Every time I pay these loans, and realize that I'll continue paying for another 40 years (i'm 30 btw) I die a little inside. I watch over 3/4 of my paycheck each month go towards rent and student loans, whatever is left is for food. I don't have much of a life, for me, there is no "American Dream" of having a great job and starting a family, and owning a car, etc... yeah, I have a great job, but all the money I make goes to bills, I dont' see a dime of it.
I was told to "Give up" on bitcoin and "Take my life seriously or I'll end up broke and on the street unless I start working full time and putting away the "toys" called computers". Worst advice I've ever taken. I now feel that I only exist on this earth to pay down debt that may never be paid off, that is if I live to 70 years old.
I've tried getting back into bitcoin... I've tried mining, but it's no use... my hardware is too old... it's not a game for old dogs anymore and it's too expensive to buy back in.
this said, I figured this was worth a shot. I don't expect thousands, I don't expect hundreds, hell I don't even expect $1. but anything, even a small amount, even 0.00000001 BTC that goes towards these loans that are slowly killing me will help.
So if you've made it this far, I hope you can understand where i'm coming from. I figure, if everyone even gave up $0.50 cents of bitcoin, it might help me make a dent in these loans, and for once, I could actually live a life outside of work, eat, sleep just to pay loans.
My Bitcoin address is:
Again, anything is helpful. I'm not asking for much, just a penny here, penny there, I just hope maybe, enough people will help and I'll be able to pay off some of one of these loans... so please, if you feel kind, I promise to pay it forward some day, I always have and always do. Just please help me this once.
Since it was asked, here is the transaction info for the 10 coins I sent to my friend back in 2012.
Status: 124768 confirmations Date: 2/3/2012 02:56 To: 1EZC7Sxm8rLMSixjrERWy735ZSr37UZfe4 Debit: -10.05000000 BTC Net amount: -10.05000000 BTC Transaction ID: 6390223cad22ee1d6894aa22c4aee10f86ec5f68f2c49fa046ead699d020176e Transaction total size: 2959 bytes Output index: 1
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Bitmain has made many major developments in 2018, including the 7nm ASIC chip for SHA-256 mining, the AI division “Sophon”, the BCH fork, as well as its expanding operations in the U.S.
In the past year, Bitmain launched a series of new products that may boost the mining efficiency, including a firmware that supports the AsicBoost optimization that available on S9 and BM1387-based models (R4, S9i, S9j, T9, and T9+).
In addition, the next generation 7nm ASIC chip, designed for SHA-256 mining is definitely a great milestone for Bitmain in 2018. The ASIC chip was used in Bitmain’s two latest products launched in late November, the Antminer S15 (28 TH/s, 57J/TH) and T15 (23 TH/s, 67J/TH). Bitmain also indicated that “the chip provides significant improvements in terms of performance, power consumption and delivering outstanding performance”.

[Bitmain Reflects on Its 2018 Performance of Miners, AI, BCH Hash War and American Expansion]1

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Author: 8BTC_NEWS2020
1: *ews.*btc.*o**bitm*in-*eflects-on-its**018-p**fo*man*e-of-mi*ers-*i*bch-hash*war*and-am*r***n-*xpan*i**
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Microsoft began to accept bitcoin cash as the way to pay after accepting bitcoin. According to the report from Livebitcoinnews, users can find BCH in the balance of Microsoft account to pay. Microsoft doesn’t be a part directly in the service. The cryptocurrency payment company, Bitpay offered support to the payment, including transaction processing.
Since 2014, Microsoft has allowed the users to put [bitcoins]1 in their account to pay. However, Microsoft suspended bitcoin payment three times. The first time is in 2015. The second time is in 2016 and the third time is this year. The reason of suspension is the unstability of [bitcoin trading]2 . As a way of payment, the advantage of BCH is obvious. The commission is cheap. The block network is almost the same with bitcoin, but it can offer a quicker network speed and lower mining cost.
From my perspective, the popularity of bitcoin payment can improve the efficiency of transnational trade. What do you think of it?
What do you think of bitcoin payment?
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Author: citicoins_official
1: **ti*oin*.com/bitcoi* 2: ***.cc*.com/bitm**n-will*bu*n-12*of-b*tc**n-cash-tx*fe**-call*-o**othe*-**ners-to-fol*ow-s*it*
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BitMiner - free and simple next generation Bitcoin mining software
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Author: GabryelRed
1: bitm*ner.i***39659* 2: bit*in*r*io/s**it*ine*_4.gif
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